Welcome to The Supported Parent!

As a Certified PCI Parent Coach®, I feel passionately about helping other parents fulfill their dreams for a thriving, loving, and joyful family. Raising children is such challenging yet rewarding work. We all need support and guidance on this long journey!

My journey working with children and families started many years ago. I began my career teaching at an all-girls residential school. It was here that I first began to understand the vital role of parenting to a child’s development. Years later when I had my first baby, I gained a deeper understanding of just how crucial the relationship between parent and child really is.

Nothing can really adequately prepare you to be a parent. It is very much a ‘learn as you go’ experience. Growing into my new identity as a mother has taken years of trial and error, joys and failures. I very quickly learned I couldn’t do it alone; I needed support.

Becoming a PCI Certified Parent Coach® has changed me in so many ways. I understand that relationships are primary. The relationship I have to my child is built on mutual respect, kindness, connection, and gratitude. Since beginning my coaching career, I have had the pleasure of helping many parents gain the confidence and skills necessary to build positive relationships with their children and partners. I am dedicated to working with all kinds of families, believing whole-heartedly that in parenting there is no “one-size-fits-all” formula for happiness.

I believe that family life can be invigorating and adventurous when families embrace their deepest values and align their actions to live by them. Helping families fulfill their dreams for a thriving, loving family is the focus of all my endeavors.

Ready to begin your journey to conscious, connected parenting?

Dive in!

Contact me here: julia@thesupportedparent.com






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