Hey Mamas! You’re Doing Better Than You Think!


This video asks moms to describe themselves as mothers. The women honestly share the doubts they have about their parenting. I can totally relate to what each one has to say; I wish I had more patience; I wish I didn’t sometimes yell; I wish I always knew the best way to react. What struck me as troubling was that not one woman pointed out her strengths as a mother or affirmed the good job she was doing (maybe this positive footage got left on the editing room floor?).

As a parent coach, my number one goal is to help moms and dads increase their confidence, competence, and consciousness as parents. I start by noticing and amplifying for them the many, many things they are doing well. We all have different strengths that we can use to be great parents! My hope is that the parents I work with will recognize and affirm those strengths more readily.

Please appreciate your parenting

1 thought on “Hey Mamas! You’re Doing Better Than You Think!”

  1. Julia, That was a wonderful video you shared. Worthy of all the tears that flow. I think it was so inspiring for parents to here how their children see them. In our daily job, it is so easy to think we are not doing the best for our kids. Being conscious and aware of what we are doing well is so important!! I love your blog:)

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