An Old-Fashioned Christmas

We have been reading a book at bedtime lately called, The Berenstain BearsOldFashioned Christmas, in which Grandpa Bear unplugs the television. This gave my daughter the idea that we too should have no T.V. on Christmas day. Now, I certainly wasn’t planning to have the television on that day, but my daughter’s observation got me thinking about ways I could alter my own behavior to support the kind of quality, family bonding I expect on such a special day. For me to be fully present and attentive to my family, I have to put my iPhone down. I just do. It’s sad that I’ve let it become such a powerful distraction, but it is. I’ll want it to take pictures and make videos, but once I have it in my hand, the temptation to post those pictures and videos to Facebook is there. Once I’m on Facebook, I’m reading status updates and looking at other people’s family pictures and videos! I might quickly open the news app to see what’s going on in the world. I might quickly check the weather forecast. And on and on and on. So no. Just no iPhone for one day. If my 5 year-old can recognize that Christmas is a day for no cartoons, than I can go 24 hours without my phone. We have a real, “old-fashioned” camera after all. I’ll let my husband take the pictures, and I’ll watch my kids open their gifts without a screen covering my eyes. 

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