Parent Coaching FAQs

What is Parent coaching?

Parent coaching is a process that can help you navigate through your parenting challenges. Using a strengths-based approach, the coach strives to uncover the positive and the possible within the family. The task is to help the parent find what is working in their current situation and then build upon those strengths. The coach provides focus and structure to the change process, allowing you to get in touch with your core values and inner-wisdom so that you can identify your deepest desires for your family. Together we create a plan forward to manifest your dream.

Some key differences between therapy and coaching:

  • Therapists work with clients to heal past wounds until ‘closure’ is achieved.
  • Therapy can include diagnosis of the client and last months to years.
  • Coaches deal in the present with clients who are ready to move forward.
  • Coaches provide current research and information to educate clients and provide them with new skills to address their challenges.

What can you expect?

  • A certified professional who helps you cultivate a stronger relationship to your child.
  • A coach knowledgeable in child development who shares researched-based best practices for supporting your child’s optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.
  • A skilled educator who will teach you new skills for fostering cooperation, communication, and connection with family members.
  • An empathetic ally who supports your time-line for growth.
  • A collaborator who works with you to plan a path forward toward more harmony and joy in your family.



3 thoughts on “Parent Coaching FAQs”

  1. I really like this definition. I think I might steal this a little. It would help to have specific language when I try to explain this difference to the parents of the adolescents I work with in the Executive Function Training program at LLS. Crisis vs. Challenges is a great way to put it. Parents sometimes want me to deal with crisis and that’s not really something I’m ready/ trained to handle. I look forward to reading more on your blog!

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